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My1300 can help you build a solution to your 13, 1300 and 1800 needs. We assist you in selecting a new number and connecting you with your preferred supplier. As one of the leading phone word providers in Australia, we have an extensive range of phone words for you to choose from at very competitive rates.

Let My1300 help your business rise to the next level.

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Benefits of using phone words

Easy to remember

Strengthen your brand

Increase call volumes

Promote your business

Easy to identify


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Over the past decade

MY1300 has increased customer responses for over 15,000 businesses.

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Customers are 20 x more likely to remember a phone name...

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Benefits of using phone words

Easy to remember

An easily recognisable phone number Increases the recall and retention of your brand and products in the minds of your customers. In fact, recall is up to 5.5 times more effective when used in different media types.

Strengthen your brand

By using a word number, it completes the branding pie.  First company name, second domain name, third and final is word number. It looks Professional and can portray your business as the leader in its field. An easy to remember Brand has a clear edge over competition.

Increase call volumes

By having a well-known Brand you will surely increase call volumes. People remember words far easier than numbers, so potential customers won’t have to look you up. They will call your number Direct.

Promote your business

A wordnumber can say a lot about your Business. Whether that be an Industry name, your Company name or even your personal name, it allows you to promote who you are or what you do, very quickly.

Easy to identify

By using a custom number in your advertising, customers are able to determine who you are and what it is that your company does.


By using a custom number in your advertising, customers are able to determine who you are and what it is that your company does.

Eliminate geographic boundaries

Wordnumbers are Virtual numbers, so they can be used all over Australia.  There are no area codes required, so no restrictions to small Geographic areas.


You can take this number anywhere you wish in Australia. If you move Suburbs or Interstate, you won’t lose your known number. We will just change the termination point of your new location.

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Different needs, different features...

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Once you have chosen your custom number, you have many different options when it comes to setting it up. Some of the services and features in which you can use with your custom number include:

Time Dependent Routing

You can determine where your phone word is terminated throughout the day. For example, you may choose to have your phone word connect through to the office from 9am to 6pm and all other times through to a answering service.

State Based Routing

You may have an office in every state and wish for the callers from each individual state to be answered within. For example, NSW calls could connect through to the Sydney office, VIC and TAS callers through to a Melbourne office.

Exchange Based Routing

This feature allows you to terminate callers through to their nearest store. If your company has offices in most suburbs throughout the nation, this is a handy feature.


If the line in which your phone word terminates to is busy, or unanswered, you can have the call overflow to a different number up to 4 times, or until the call is answered.

Call Distributor

Calls can be distributed between a set of termination numbers. For instance, you may have a team of salesmen and wish for the calls to be distributed evenly between them.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Lead your customers through two or more menu buttons to enable them to connect to the most appropriate section of your business. IVR provides you with automated reception and call forwarding, and is a proven solution for streamlining your inbound customer calls.

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All your questions answered...

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Custom Numbers?

    Custom numbers are phone numbers that have been converted into a word(s). Custom numbers are made up of the letters that are on the keypad of a telephone. The letters that are on the keypad of a telephone can be arranged to make a word such as LOSTDOG. To dial LOSTDOG the user would dial 5678364. The prefix which is most commonly used for phone words is 13, 1300 or 1800. An example of a custom number is 1300 LOSTDOG (1300 5678364).

  • How do I dial a custom number?

    It is simple to dial a custom number. Simply press the number which displays the letter you desire. E.g. 1300 LOSTDOG = 1300 5678364 or 1300 MY1300 = 1300 691 300.

  • What custom numbers are available?

    My1300 has a vast range of numbers which could suit your company. We are continually expanding our selection and are confident we can offer a custom number that will help you in the growth of your business.

  • What is over dialing?

    In Australia phone numbers vary in length. Standard 13 numbers contain 6 digits, and standard 1300 and 1800 numbers are 10 digits in length. Over dialing occurs when the standard amount of numbers is entered followed with more digits. An example of over dialing is 1300 LOSTDOG. There is one extra digit in this number. The telecommunications providers in Australia are advanced enough to recognize the extra digits and ignore them, allowing the calls to connect.

  • How much do custom numbers cost?

    Our custom numbers range in cost depending on the class of the number. We have 5 different classes. This will be explained at the time of your enquiry.

  • Who do I connect my custom number with?

    You are free to connect your Custom Number with the carrier of your choice. We will help you to arrange for your number to be connected to your preferred supplier. You can speak to one of our representatives who will be able to recommend a range of carriers to you.

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